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Hello everyone, I’m Monster Review Girl. Today I’d like to talk about the Monster Hunter digital event week that occurred last week in early March. This event was to celebrate Monster Hunter turning 17. 

General Overview

The event started with a Monster Hunter Stories 2, Wings of Ruin trailer, and product order information. This trailer is what we’ll be talking about in this article, with the extra Rise content being a different article.

What is Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a sequel to Monster Hunter Stories, a Monster Hunter franchise’s side game. Players control a Rider, a member of a secretive tribe that has discovered a way to live in harmony with Monsters and ride them around. 

The first game’s story follows a young Rider. He/she seeks out the source of a mysterious black contagion that’s causing monsters to behave strangely.

The game revolved around collecting the eggs of powerful monsters. You then hatched and tamed into Monsties, which you could ride into battle with other creatures from the Monster Hunter universe. As far as I am aware, the only way you can get this game is mobile, so a switch port would be excellent. It’s improbable, but it would be nice.

The trailer where we discovered that Stories 2 was happening. A welcome surprise for all, to be certain!

New Story Beats

The plotline of Stories 2 – what little we know of it – is that we’re following the grandchild of a legendary Rider named Red. Our character is given a Rathalos egg by a young Wyverian girl named Ena, apparently a friend of our late Grandfather.

The Rathalos hatches, revealing that its wings are blackened and seemingly stuck closed. It appears to be a Razewing Rathalos, a creature subject to legends as an entity of mass destruction. From there, our character, Ena, and a few others set off to get answers about the Razewing.

Occupying in the background of all this is that the Rathalos population is seemingly mass migrating to an unknown location for unknown reasons. The only time we’ve seen this get mentioned is in the announcement trailer, and we haven’t heard anything about it since.

The most recent trailer!

The Big Players

According to the Capcom website, there are 8 primary players in this story. First is Ena, a Wyverian girl

Ena is where we get our Rathalos egg from, and she was a friend to our character’s grandfather, Red. She’s stated to be a girl who’s honest about her feelings and seeks answers about the recent environmental abnormalities.

The second Wyverian big player is the Rider Alwin.

Alwin hails from somewhere called Rutoh village and rides a New World monster named Legiana. While he’s cold and distant at first, he warms up to us after discovering we’re Red’s grandchild since Red was his first human friend.

Next is a returning character from the first Stories game, a Felyne named Navirou.

Navirou will apparently be in a guiding role for our character. Another Felyne in the Palico role is named Tsukino, and she’s the Palico to a young hunter. We don’t really know a lot about her, and details will be released later, according to Capcom.

Finally, a human character named Kayna will be our mentor. She’s from Mahana Village and rides a Velocidrome named Avmar. A bubbly free spirit, she teaches us the fundamentals of being a rider and acts as our Mentor on our journey.

The last human character being mentioned a lot is Red, our character’s grandfather. He apparently devoted his life to wandering the world with his Monstie, Guardian Ratha. We know nothing about him other than this. It’s presumed he was the protagonist in the first stories game, but we don’t know for sure.

Finally, we have our Monstie. Razewing Ratha. We hatch him from an egg we gain from our new friend Ena. Unable to fly from birth and born with blackened wings, it’s said that the world will burn with a beat of his wings. 

Product Info

Monster Hunter Stories 2, which will be available for PC and Switch on July 9th, 2021, will come with the following things. The pre-order bonus is a unique cosmetic outfit for Ena based on Hinoa’s Kamura Maiden outfit and the Delux edition.

The deluxe edition has a unique layered outfit for Ena, cosmetic armor for our character, a fantastic hairstyle, costumes for Navirou, and stickers based on the characters.

Final thoughts

All in all, I’m excited for Stories 2. Just as much, if not more so, than for Rise. Stories was a game nobody thought was gonna get a sequel since it had Pokemon to contend with and was a relative niche game in the fandom. Up next from me, you can expect an article about the new Rise trailer and a review of the updated demo with the Magnamalo hunt. Happy Hunting!

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