Hunter’s Corner: Monster Hunter Rise Rampage Trailer

Hello everyone, I’m Monster Review Girl. Today I’d like to talk about the Monster Hunter Rise Rampage Trailer that debuted on the 17th of February.

General Overview

The newest trailer shows off two new maps, two brand new monsters, several returning monsters the fans have been missing. We also learn a little more about the Rampage and how Kamura Village and its culture has been influenced.

New Maps

One of the newer maps is the Lava Caverns, a volcano map with harsh, hot lava flows and cool, clear springs. Of course, the monsters here are dangerous, and this is no area to hunt in unawares. Monsters that live here include the brand new Rakna-Kadaki and the returning Baserios and Volvidon. 

The other new map, the Sandy Plains, is a desolate wasteland with very little life. This region is scorchingly hot during the day but mercifully cool at night. We know very little about this land except that one of the new monsters lives there.

The new Monsters

This trailer revealed two new monsters, the Temnoceran Rakna-Kadaki and the Leviathan Almudron.

Rakna-Kadaki, a member of the arachnoid Temnoceran class of monsters, seems to draw basis from the Japanese Yokai Jorou-Gumou and a real animal, the Giraffe Spider. It has a fire/lava breath, can shoot webbing at the hunter to slow them down, and launch their young to glue the hunter in place.

She is the first Temnoceran that isn’t a Nerscylla or a Nerscylla subspecies. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new Temnoceran or any monster based on a creature with an exoskeleton. 

Next is the Leviathan Almudron. Living in the Sandy Plains, this creature hunts by manipulating the mud and earth around it. It appears this animal is based on a mix of an oriental dragon and the mythical giant catfish that supposedly was pinned beneath Japan that would cause earthquakes when it moved.

Returning Monsters

In this trailer, they revealed three returning monsters not already seen in previous trailers. These were the Flying Wyvern Baserios and the Fanged Beasts Volvidon and Rajang.

Baserios is one of the few monsters that is actually a juvenile form of another monster, the Flying Wyvern Gravios. Despite being weaker than its parents, this monster can still pile-drive you into the dirt if you are unprepared.

Volvidon, the Fanged Beast, however, is small, fast, and really annoying. His paralysis-inducing saliva and rapid rolling around the area can make him a real pain to deal with. He’s also one of a trio with the already revealed monsters Arzuros and Lagombi.

And finally, the last new monster revealed in this trailer, the Fanged Beast Rajang. Rajang has a strong basis in the Sayain race’s Oozaru form, except the Rajang has horns. If anyone doubts it, look at its attacks. It has a golden-beam attack, a “super sayain” form, and can even generate a reddish aura around its body.

The Rampage Quests

This trailer also gave us some info about the Rampage Quests. Namely, they are absolute free-for-alls. 4-5 monsters in the area. Whether there will be dupes or not is unclear. It may be a random assortment with each quest. It’s either four hunters or people from the village actually helping us. 

As a result, in this trailer, we found out what weapons the villagers use. Iori, the little boy in charge of the animal companions, uses a Charge Blade, one of the most technical weapons in the game, so props to him! Yomogi, the village cook, uses a heavy bowgun the size of her entire body. And the quest girls, Hinoa and Minoto, are using a bow and lance, respectively. It looks like they’re emphasizing that these quests are a threat to the entire community of Kamura village. 

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