Hipster Paws & Sirens Review

NFTs are slowly taking over the internet. New creators jump into the metaverse and showcase
their work, ideas, and views. Photography, graphic art, traditional art, the possibilities of what an NFT can be are ever expanding. Today we are going to chat all about Hipster Paws & Sirens
NFT. Let’s chat all about what they are doing for the metaverse, the world, and where you can
support them.

“Welcome to Hipster Paws & Sirens NFT! At HPS it is our mission to help break the stigma and
raise mental health awareness for first responders. Did you know a first responder is more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty? Many first responders consider stress to be a part of their job and feel that they cannot or should not talk about traumatic calls. The perceived stigma around mental health disorders and/or concerns over the impact on their employment can also lead first responders to not report suicidal thoughts. Although we cannot change traumatic events from taking place we can be thereafter. The first collection, The Hipster Pups, is just the beginning. Each NFT collection will contribute to the funds needed for therapy dogs specifically trained for first responders. When you purchase a Hipster Paws NFT you offer care to first responders who care for us in our time of need. Join Hipster Paws & Sirens today, an ordinary team with extraordinary dreams!”

This collection is truly on a mission to change lives. The designs of each NFT are truly
incredible. 11,000 ERC-721 tokens, this collection has it all! Collectors looking to expand their
gallery with more cartoon styled NFTs should consider checking out what they have in works.
Each NFT showcases a dog. You may find one wearing a hat and a bow tie and even one with a
mustache and a top hat! The possibilities are endless. Each NFT will assist in funding needs for therapy dogs that are then trained for first responders.

With this in mind holders should know that if they decide to support this project they will also be funding a successful life for those in need. This project does not shy away from telling the world the importance of mental health and what our first responders go through in the line of duty. Not only do they have unique and adorable NFTs, they are also bringing awareness to important topics. Hipster Paws & Sirens NFT is perfect for collectors who are looking to back a project that is making a difference for our world, animal lovers, or anyone looking to start a collection.

This project is a must for every collector. Do not wait to learn more about their exciting work.
Check out their link to learn more about who they are, how they are supporting first responders, and their designs. Support them today! You will not regret it.

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