God of War Ragnarök Review!

Ever since God of War 2018 took the gaming world by storm, gamers have patiently waited for something from Sony Santa Monica day by day for the past 4 years since. Then, one day on September ninth, their patience was rewarded. Sony Santa Monica released the very first gameplay trailer of God of War Ragnarök. There is still very little from what we know, but from what we got from the trailers we can pick out a few things!

First, of which, the game is advanced a few years since the last game, and Kratos is trying to maintain a peaceful life in exile while Atreus is trying to discover his destiny and his Giant heritage of Loki. Fraya is dead set on revenge and seeks to kill Kratos for killing Balder. Our lovable Dwarven brothers have returned with Brok and Sindri, and we not only get reunited with characters we feel like we’ve known for years, but will also be meeting new characters as well. 

Tyr has been found, and it’s still a mystery what role will we have to play in this version of the classic Norse tale of Ragnarok. Will he live the same fate as prophesized or will meeting a fellow God of War from a faraway land change his fate, for better or worse. We were also introduced to Angrboda, one of the last remaining Giants in all the realms. What does she know, will she create a bond with Atreus, and does she even know Fae, Kratos wife. There is a lot of mystery around this character, but what we can guess is that both her and Atreus are the Catalyse for the beginning of Ragnarok. 

This trailer blew me away in so many ways, and I can’t help but feel like this might be the longest year of my life waiting on this game. It’s touched so many lives and made an impact on the world of gamers. It’s a story that changed my life, and I’m ready to see it to the finish!

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