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Gargoyles: 10 Stone-Cold Facts from the Iconic 90s Show

Hey there, fellow geeks and 90s kids! It’s Ryder, ready to soar into the night with some trivia about “Gargoyles,” one of the most epic and underrated animated series of the 90s. This show was a complex saga but had its simplicity shine through. Let’s unravel some facts that are as intriguing as the show itself.

The Gargoyles Disney cartoon.

1. Shakespearean Echoes

“Gargoyles” was heavily influenced by Shakespearean themes. Characters like Macbeth and King Oberon straight out of the Bard’s plays were woven into the storyline, adding a layer of literary depth.

2. Goliath’s Voice: A Familiar Sound

Goliath’s deep, resonating voice was provided by Keith David, known for his rich vocal tone. His voice gave the character a commanding presence that’s hard to forget.

3. Real-World Inspirations

The show’s creators drew inspiration from real-world locations and architecture for the Gargoyles’ perches, particularly the gothic structures of New York City.

4. Gargoyles by Night, Humans by Day?

Originally, the concept was for gargoyles to turn into humans during the day, but this idea was scrapped for the stone transformation we know and love.

5. Xanatos: A Villain Unlike Any Other

Xanatos, the primary antagonist, broke the mold of typical cartoon villains. He was a complex character with motives that sometimes blurred the line between right and wrong.

6. A Crossover That Never Happened

There were plans for a crossover with “The Disney Afternoon” series, potentially expanding the “Gargoyles” universe. Sadly, it never materialized.

7. Comic Book Continuations

The “Gargoyles” story continued in comic book form, picking up where the TV series left off, giving fans more of the rich storytelling they craved.

8. The Dark Tone: A Departure for Disney

“Gargoyles” was known for its dark tone, a significant departure from Disney’s usual lighter fare, making it a unique show in their lineup.

9. Fan-Driven Revival Attempts

The show’s dedicated fan base has made several attempts to revive “Gargoyles,” proof to its lasting impact and the loyalty of its fans.

10. Cultural and Historical References

“Gargoyles” was filled with references to various cultures and historical periods, making it not just entertaining but educational in a fun and engaging way.

There you go, ten fascinating tidbits about “Gargoyles,” a show that was more than just a series of action-packed episodes; it was a blend of mythology, history, and storytelling brilliance.

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