G4 Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary at PAX East

G4 made a triumphant return last year in a reboot of the network with a new cast of hosts for a new generation of gamers. The gaming channel had great success when it first launched back in 2002. After being off the air for seven years, G4 finally made a comeback when it was announced that a reboot of the network was coming. In November 2021, the shoe was relaunched with most of the same programming as the original with a couple of new faces. The new cast made their first public appearance at this year’s PAX East as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of the network’s inception.

At PAX East, G4 came by the event to greet fans and discuss the road leading to its relaunch and their fond memories of the original network. Led by producer Vanessa Guerrero, the panel was joined by Kassem G, Fiona Nova, Gina Darling, Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil, and WWE Superstar Xavier Woods. To kick things off, the panelists discussed growing up watching G4 when it first launched years ago and how it impacted their lives. Each of the panelists also shared some lessons on getting to work on a network versus being an independent content creator. Compared to how content was shared back then, they all agreed that it is much easier now as many creators can gain a far better reach thanks to social media and streaming.

Everyone on the panel gave their hot takes on how much their work ethic changed after joining G4. Coming from the comedy world, Kassem said how much he enjoyed being able to talk comic books alongside his comedy on Attack of the Show. As a content creator, Fiona shared her journey of transitioning from her work at Rooster Teeth to being on G4. Both Gina and Jirard talked about having a bigger crew and how much of a rewarding experience it has been being on a digital network. Outside of wrestling, Xavier Woods chatted about being able to do YouTube videos for WWE prior to joining G4.

The G4 cast went into who they all looked up to from the original gang, with most of them talking about getting to work with Kevin Pereira on the show. Jirard said that Pereira was a master of his craft, with the rest of the panel giving praises to the original host showing them the ropes. Another name that popped up was Adam Sessler, the original host of Xplay who has also become a part of the rebooted network. Everyone shared some stories about working with Pereira and what they each learned from him while working at G4.

As the video game network almost reaches a year since its relaunch, the panelists discussed what they wanted to do to bring G4 forward. Kassem shared that he wanted the network to become a great place to talk about comics. Fiona sees G4 as a spot to showcase some original content and animation. Growing up as a fan, Gina hopes to make it a prominent force for gaming but also wants to bring her love of cars and music to the forefront. Xavier also shared that he hopes to bring some wrestlers onto the network and bring the world of wrestling and gaming together with the help of G4. He also added that he would love to do a live taping of Attack of the Show at a future PAX event.

The panel also shared some new content that is coming up for the network. Jirard talked about some fresh ideas coming to X-Play as well as bringing his band Big Bad Bosses into the fold. He also teased a new show he’s working on called God at Work, which will be a parody of Kratos in the office played by Jirard himself. The show was announced to launch sometime this summer. After the presentation, the cast also gave some BTS stories of working at G4 and what they learned while being on the network. Everyone shared what they like about being on G4 and thanked the fans for all of their support since the relaunch.

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