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Do you have a special project that you’ve been wanting to get done? Are you struggling to find the motivation to even get started? Well, look no further, for I have 5 helpful tips that can help find that missing motivation (Note: These tips aren’t 100% guaranteed to help, they’re mainly pieces of advice that have helped me in the past with getting motivated. Also, these tips can be done in whichever order works best for you.)

Tip #1: Create an outline/blueprint.
Before you dive into work, it’s always important to make some form of plan to figure out how you want everything to go. Believe me when I say that I’ve started a number of writing projects without doing this and….well….let’s just say they ended up being more of a mess than what I wanted it to become. And hey, if the first outline/blueprint isn’t as motivating to work with, try a different form or angle, there isn’t just one ultimate format to work with.

Tip #2: Create a relaxing, but productive working environment.
What type of
environment do you enjoy working in? Where do you find the most motivation to work? Do you find work easier to do at a desk? Is it more comforting on the couch or on your bed? Is there a place that doesn’t help at all? It’s important to know which environment will do the best with maintaining your working motivation, especially which ones will be more distracting and disruptive; experiment with different places to find out which ones do and don’t work. Oddly enough, working at a desk never worked with motivating me; it always made me feel like I’m back in school and somebody is watching to see me make any mistakes and point them out. Another thing you want to put into consideration is how many distractions there are in your working environment. Too many distractions can lead to a loss in motivation; there have been times where I would be more motivated to play on my gaming consoles or look at other things (phone and other things on the internet), than to work. This doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your phone next to you in case somebody is trying to reach you. If somebody is trying to reach you for any type of support, then, by all means, keep your phone on you.

Tip #3: Take a break every now and then.

Burn-outs or sudden creativity blocks are going to happen, so be sure to rest your brain and creativity every once in a while, recharge your motivation. There were times where I would finish writing a chapter and jump to the next chapter right after, and this ended up damaging my motivation to keep working (I haven’t worked one of my stories/fanfics for a good number of years because of that lost motivation). Take some time to listen to music, grab a snack to eat, re-hydrate yourself, surf the web a bit, play a game, or whatever you want to do for some time, and hope back feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Tip #4: Never be afraid to search for any inspiration.

I know that some would not see this as a way to get motivated, but I truly believe that getting inspired can lead to being motivated (especially if the inspiration is that powerful). If you’re writing something, listen to some music related to the subject, immerse yourself in the genre (ex. If you’re writing something sci-fi related, listen to music from Halo or Destiny). Trying to draw a specific landscape? Go out and explore different environments, embrace the colors and life that are thriving.

Tip #5: People do things in different ways.

Something that is very capable of destroying one’s motivation is when people spend more time comparing their works with that of another. Sure, your work isn’t going to be as powerful or amazing as theirs, but they also struggle with this motivation killer. Everyone has their own style and/or way of doing things, and that’s what will make yours just as amazing. Show how your way of doing things is amazing and capable of inspiring and motivating others. Who knows, maybe the way you draw or write something will also inspire and motivate that person to improve something they struggle with (i.e. writing fight scenes, drawing the full body just as well as the head). Like I said in the previous tip, inspiration can lead to motivation.

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