Disney Movie Review: The Lion King

Prior to making this review, I never watched The Lion King. If your first question is “why” I just simply never watched it. There’s a large handful of Disney classics I haven’t seen, or I’ve seen but don’t remember much of them, and since that is a conundrum with me, but also the fact that I don’t want to get spammed on Discord about a movie I never watched (thanks a lot Kat), I’ll do an occasional article of some of the Disney movies I’ve never seen, or the ones I have seen, but don’t remember much of them.

With that being said, time to talk about my thoughts on The Lion King.

I obviously know of the existence of this film, but I only knew the moments that everyone quotes, like “Hakuna Matata” the literal first moments of the film as the sun rises, and several others, but I never saw the movie, only knew of the quotes. Knowing Disney’s structure when it comes to their animated films, I knew it was gonna be a musical, because all of Disney’s animated movies are musicals. Except Atlantis. The art style for a movie released in 1994 is really great and hadn’t aged a day since its release, it just severely annoys me that the “remake” did better than this movie, when the “remake” is the exact same movie, just with real animals.

The story and structure of the movie was really good and made sense right out of the gate and it established who the antagonists were without tiptoeing or making a massive twist that most movies like to pull. The ultimate betrayal in the movie was pretty expected, since I felt it coming, but the moment where Simba knew that Mufasa was dead did hit me a bit. Then Simba eventually meets Timon and Pumba, and I swear to you, I thought JonTron did the voice of these two, because they sound so much like JonTron that I got confused. Then of course, the montage happened with the Hakuna Matata song, and then Simba reunited with Nala, and they did the birds and the bees with “Can you feel the love tonight” being sung in the background. Can I just say that the score for this movie is absolutely fantastic? Nothing seems out of place, every song fit all the scenes that they were used in.

Then the final moments of the movie, which is Simba and Co retake Pride Rock, it was a very energetic way for the movie to reach its climax, and to see Scar get his comeuppance from all the things he’s done at the beginning of the movie, and as the movie progressed. And after that entire scene, we find that Simba and Nala have their newborn cub, and the circle of life continues.

The Lion King is a very solid movie from start to finish, with a great score, voice cast, and animation with a story that was consistent from start to finish. I don’t have any sort of criticism to the movie, which is admittedly impressive since I usually have some sort of criticism with any movie, and I rewatched this movie five times since the first time, and I couldn’t find anything to critique.

It’s a great movie, and if you haven’t watched it before, I highly recommend the movie.

The Lion King gets a 10/10 from me.

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