Dice Tower Theatre presents Dawn of Dragons!

Dice Tower Theatre presents Dawn of Dragons by Mike Atchley, a narrated audio adventure.
This podcasted is based off of a basement tabletop role-playing game. Dawn of Dragons can be found on multiple podcast services such as Spotify and iTunes as well as their Website. What is Dawn of Dragons really about?

Fans of high fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, and storytelling will especially love what Dawn of
Dragons has in store. “Young heroes bound in love and kinship are forced on a quest to
discover the truth behind the magic of dragons, and seek those that stole it before their world
itself is destroyed by the growing power of the Dark Army.” With over 40 episodes listeners will
learn more about each character throughout their journey. Expect an emotional and powerful
ride as these young heroes go on an adventure of a lifetime.

Alongside an amazing story Dawn of Dragons also has a full score, sound design, and
extremely talented cast. The cast truly captures each character and brings them to life while
telling this compelling story. The music also brings out the emotion of each scene making Dawn of Dragons even more powerful in storytelling. Dawn of Dragons is a great resource to have if you need something to listen to on your commute to work or days off. The story is clean and allows listeners to truly be immersed within the world.

Due to the nature of roleplay games Dawn of Dragons is a collaborative work. Collaborative
storytelling is where multiple minds work together to tell a story. An example of this would be the Critical Role Campaigns. The Dawn of Dragons team is very passionate about collaborative
works making the characters and plot feel more real since multiple minds are creating it: “So
collaborative storytelling is something we are very passionate about. There is skeleton or story
hooks provided by the DM or Storyteller but the rest of the group decides the actions the
principle characters make and in many cases shape parts of the world not fleshed out yet.”

Dawn of Dragons has won several awards such as:
● 2022 NJ WebFest Nominee: Outstanding Fantasy in Narrative Fiction Podcast
● 2022 NJ WebFest Nominee: Best Sound Design/Mixing in Narrative Fiction Podcast – Mike Atchley
● 2022 NJ WebFest Nominee: Best Leading Performance in a Narrative Fiction Podcast – Daphne Bichler as Nightblade
● 2022 NJ WebFest Nominee: Best Supporting Performance in a Narrative Fiction Podcast- Jesse Jerdak as Erebus Shieldheart
● 2022 NJ WebFest Nominee: Best Family Friendly in Narrative Fiction Podcast
● 2022 NJ WebFest Nominee: Best Cover Art in Narrative Fiction Podcast- LittleBird
● 2022 Miami WebFest Nominee: Podcast – Writing
● 2022 Minnesota WebFest Nominee: Best Fantasy in Narrative Fiction Podcast
● 2022 LA WebFest Nominee: Best Sci-Fi Fantasy Podcast
● 2022 Apulia WebFest (Italy) Official Selection
● 2019 The Audio Verse Awards Nominee

If you are interested in learning more about Dawn of Dragons be sure to check out all of the
links below. There you will be able to listen and join the world of Dawn of Dragons.

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