Cosplayer BeautifulDiz Goes To Anime NYC As All Might!

BeautifulDiz a well knows cosplayer recently went to Anime NYC. Anime NYC is an annual three-day anime convention held during November at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. This event is well known for many cosplayers and BeautifulDiz did not shy away from her amazing All Might cosplay from My Hero Academia!

BeautifulDiz did a great job cosplaying as All Might. The accuracy of the costume was amazing! All Might is known for his skin tight blue bodysuit, red symbol that resembles a Y, white diamond in the center, and white lines connecting from his chest to his shoulders! BeautifulDiz even had her hair styled like All Mights!

ABOUT BeautifulDiz
BeautifulDiz expresses her creativity through her art. As a model, cosplayer, actress,
director, VFX work, and musician she is extremely devoted to telling untold stories to the
world. Her identity as a young black woman is central to her work and her works speaks
to creatives and dreamers around the world.

Born in Harlem, BeautifulDiz had a difficult childhood. She found peace in art. Her love
for anime and comics came at a young age and as she grew she turned it into a career.
She took her career into her own hands and put her passion into her art.

If you are interested in staying updated with BeautifulDiz and her work be sure to check
out all the links below! Her cosplay at Anime NYC this year truly showcases her
amazing work. Support her today!

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