Chiharu Shinagawa & Izumishita Review

Many artists and Mangaka around the world have been getting into the hype behind NFTs. Geeks in this space can be especially spoiled with all the vast collections on the rise. Recently All Ages of Geek has been loving what our friends at Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace have been working on. Be sure to check out our recent article about them right HERE and jump aboard the NFT train! 

Today we will be reviewing Izumishita by Chiharu Shinagawa. But who is Chiharu Shinagawa? She is a well known Mangaka known for her work Santa Company and Yomakan. In fact, did you know Yomakan won her a special reward in the Shogakukan Magazine? She is also a contributor to the Youtube channel “Humanbug University – dark cartoon” where she takes charge of the character designs. Talk about being busy! But now Chiharu Shinagawa enters the world of NFTs.

Shinagawa’s Izumishita is a unique NFT. This NFT portrays a skeleton being held by a man, eyes peering in the direction of the viewer, almost with a soulful pull. The skeleton dons a floral veil, in their eye lies a white rose. The man holds onto the skeleton surrounded by flowers. “I love you and I will love you until I die and if there is an afterlife I will love you even then.” Collectors will love to add this beautiful NFT to their collection who hold a more edgy and dark appeal. 

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