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Chainsaw Man Main Trailer Review

by: Daniel Ruiz Reyes

Chainsaw Man, the famous manga written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, has just released on 19 of september, the main trailer or Trailer 3, for the anime adaptation. And will cover the first arcs of  “Part 1” of the manga.

The manga started in december 2018 and ran until december of 2020. With a total of 97 chapters. This represents “part 1” of the story, the conclusion didn’t mean the end of the manga. Which began a hiatus until serialization started again on July 13 of 2022. Now being Part 2, currently releasing chapters. 

Now a little recap of the trailer: Starts with one character that we haven’t seen before in past trailers: Kishibe.


He’s one of the characters I’m most excited to see finally animated. His character in the manga and the role he presents in the story is one that gets fans loving him. Sadly he isn’t in much of the trailer, besides the opening. 

First look at Tokyo’s Special Division 4.
From Left to Right:Himeno, Aki Hayakawa, Hirokazu Arai and Kobeni Higashiyama.

The trailer continues with Makima, giving the Tokyo Special Division 4 a mission, where we see more of each one, although not all get named, we get a glimpse on their personality. Like Aki Hayakawa and his animosity against Denji or Kobeni Higashiyama cowardice and pessimism. 

Closer look at Power’s face.

Then cut into some of Power’s scenes, where we can see her naked in a non-explicit manner. We hear her character talking, specifically, how much she loves blood. One of her main characteristics in the manga is how she can use it to make weapons, as we see later in the trailer.

Cut to Denji, talking about him joining the Devil Hunters, which leads to various frenetic fighting scenes between Denji and other devils. Who are from the first arcs of the manga. Accompanied with the excellent soundtracks “Kickback” by Kenshi Yonezu.

Close-up shots at various characters’ eyes.

But one part of the trailer, that became my favorite one, is the Close-Up to various character’s eyes. MAPPA is just that great at animating eyes that is so captivating.

This trailer, in its first half, presents us with some of the secondary characters for the first time, that we are gonna be seeing a lot in those first arcs. Although the second half is mostly action scenes, those are also from past trailers. The second half doesn’t show new stuff in terms of action. Which is also understandable, keeping some of the HUGE things that happen in the manga as a surprise. 

But I don’t mean that the action shown is bad, on the contrary! The action and the way it’s animated show us fluidity and spectacle that is very welcome and breathtaking. Even in the manga, the action scenes in Chainsaw Man are always some of the highlights. So seeing them animated at MAPPA’s, just an amazing plus.

And finally, the trailer does give us the exact date of release, 11 of october, with little more than two weeks from the release. I’ll be eagerly waiting to see this series. The manga surpassed my expectations and I do believe that MAPPA, after seeing  the work put on AoT, can make this already awesome manga into something special. 

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