Cancellation of Anime NYC 2020

If there is something we all have had to become accustomed to, it is COVID-19. With this pandemic, most events have been canceled or postponed. Comic-con, weddings, family gatherings, and more have fallen victim to cancellation. One event that recently was canceled was Anime NYC 2020 which was scheduled for November 20-22nd.

This would have been Anime NYC’s fourth year of hosting and the organizers expected at least 50,000 attendees. Now, everyone who bought a ticket is subject to having a refund. Though this is a shame that there will not be an Anime NYC 2020, I believe that this shows something very important. That the organizers are not thinking about the profit they could get, but the wanted to ensure the safety of their attendees. After all, that should be the first thought with this pandemic, ensuring safety. On the bright side, they already announced the news about Anime NYC 2021. They (the organizers), will be looking at possible online alternatives for their convention.

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