Beautiful Dizazter a Comic by BeautifulDiz

BeautifulDiz is a an American actress and VFX artist who is known for Power Rangers Unworthy (2018), Squat House (2021), and Lost Cos (2022). She is currently planning on releasing a new comic book. This comic book is called Beautiful Dizazter.

BeautifulDiz describes the comic book as the story about a General Amina. Amina is the General of an army who is one of the best fighters in the world. Inspiration comes from the movie 300. General Amina visits an oracle and gets a premonition of her soon to be death. Eventually General Amina is murdered by her second in command by poison and soon burried alive. General Amina is wearing a special stone necklace that raises her from the near death situation.

BeautifulDiz also does cosplay! All Ages of Geek recently covered BeautifulDiz cosplay
as All Might from My Hero Academia. You can learn more about her cosplay work

ABOUT BeautifulDiz

A modern day renaissance women, BeautifulDiz brings a much needed new perspective to the world of art and music. Through her work as a model, cosplayer, Actress, director, VFX work, and musician, she is devoted to telling stories that have gone untold for too long. And while her identity as a young, black woman is central to her work, her creations have a universal appeal, speaking to dreamers around the world.

BeautifulDiz was born in Harlem, where she endured a difficult childhood. She took solace in art, particularly anime and comics. As she grew up, she began to focus on VFX, developing the stunning visual style that would come to define her career. She began pursuing acting as well, but found it difficult to break into the industry. Instead, she decided to take things into her own hands, using her charismatic presence and inimitable style to create unique short films. Much to her surprise, these films found a welcome audience. Some of them now boast streaming numbers in the millions.

If you are interested in learning more about her upcoming comic book Beautiful Dizazter
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