Attack on Titan OP 1 Thoughts From Someone Who Never Watched A Single Episode

Personally, I have never watched Attack on Titan. I know some of the characters thanks to how popular they are and some of the voice actors attached to the show. I know that Season 4 has premiered, so I decided to listen to the opening of the very first season.

Right off the bat, I feel like this show has flashy fight scenes, gore, and would wreck me emotionally. It is giving me the vibe of “Hey! We have cool main characters, don’t get attached to the side characters.” That scares me for one reason and one reason only: If they are a side character and I like them, either going to die or never show up again. There is no middle ground for me when it comes to anime, sadly. Overall, I think this opening does what all openings should do, hype you up for the show!

All Ages of Geek’s reaction to the OP is down below!

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