App Feature: re:ignite

Looking for a new app to check out? Check out re:ignite available on both iOS and Android.
Folks looking to find their gamer identity through cards need to check out this stylish and
amazing app. But what is it all about?

“reignite is where you can create, download and share stylish digital and customizable gamer
cards. There are different categories to the cards, so it’s not all about your in-game stats but
more about you – your own gamer identity.”

If you are a fan of collecting cards this app is perfect for you. re:ignite allows users to collect
game cards, social cards, and hobby cards. Game cards are created from your favorite online
games with the ability to share your stats and accomplishments. Cards include League of Legends, Valorant, and much more! This is perfect for video game fans! Social cards showcase all yoursocials, accounts and game libraries. A perfect way to display your trophies and accomplishments. Hobby cards allow you to show off what you love. For example if you are a streamer or cosplayer you can promote yourself with hobby cards.

You are able to customize your own cards as well:
• Customize the look and feel of your card with different backgrounds, themes, character skins
and more.
• All your cards are collected in your account. Share your profile with others and show them the
sum of your cards – your gamer identity.
• Share your cards with friends and those who have yet to become ones. Meet awesome people that actually suit you and reduce the amount of toxic randoms in your gaming life.

Once you create your first card you will join a community of like minded people who love video games and cards. This app is the perfect way to learn more about yourself through the power of card collecting. Re:ignite allows you to discover your true gaming identity. Learn more today by checking out their links!

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