An Interview About Neopets Launches NEW Match 3 Game “Faerie’s Hope”!

We had the chance to chat with the team behind Neopets!

  1. Tell us about Match 3 games and Faerie’s Hope?

    We were looking for a way to introduce Neopia to a new group of fans (and reconnect with those that have not had an opportunity to connect with the brand in a while) and settled on the Match3 Genre as a good way to introduce character(s), game play and most importantly the stories and lore that help to make Neopets what it is.  Match 3 games like Faeries Hope, allow users to engage with the brand and it’s lore as much or as little as they want.
  1. How has Neopets grown over the years?

    Neopets is a reflection of its community.  Over the years, as the community has grown, Neopets itself has grown and become a true reflection its users and their wants and desires.  Most of what Neopets is, is a way for the community to continually engage with a platform and user base that loves the experience and story that Neopets is.
  1. What can fans of Neopets expect to see in the coming years?

    Neopets will of course continue to grow and evolve while staying true to its original story and community aspect.  Look for more ways for us to re-engage with the 100 million or so people that have experienced Neopets in the past 20 plus years as well as making sure that those that love the classic Neopets continue to have the opportunity to enjoy.
  1. Goals for 2023?

    Continue to listen and work with the community on what is important to them as well as expanding the brand.
  1. Where can people support your work? 

    There are many opportunities to support Neopets starting with  After that check us on the app store (iOS and Google Play) for Faeries Hope – or thru various merchandise and other endeavors that are currently underway.

● Facebook: @Neopets
● Facebook: @FaeriesHope
● Instagram: @NeopetsOfficialAccount
● Instagram: @FaeriesHope
● Twitter: @Neopets
● Twitter: @Faeries_Hope
● TikTok: @OfficialNeopets

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