A Look into Destiny 2’s Upcoming Expansion: The Witch Queen

Greetings fellow guardians, Tracy here with a special news update on Destiny 2. The Witch Queen, Savathun, is on her way in the upcoming expansion and she’s not alone. She’s building an army that consists of a force we couldn’t begin to imagine facing. But before we get to that, let’s look at what Bungie has in store for us as we prepare for this terrifying encounter. 

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To start things off, Season of the Lost is still going strong with its fourth week and things are getting thought-provokingly interesting. Current theories are being confirmed while new ones are being written with each twist and turn in the story. Also, with each new season, there’s a new exotic weapon to hunt for, called Agers Scepter, and this one is a literal treasure hunt for artifacts. Although there were some tricky moments with locating the artifacts, I have a feeling that obtaining this exotic will be all the more worth it. While there are moments where I, as a new player, ended up getting confused about certain bits of lore (i.e. characters, events), I have my fellow guardians to turn to for knowledge. This season is definitely an interesting way for myself to get a proper introduction to Mara Sov (the Queen of the Awoken, basically space elves), given that the other Mara was a hallucination created by an evil space worm. It is also the season where we finally meet Savathun face-to-face, as the prequel to the long road that leads to our eventual confrontation with her. In all honesty, Savathun is such an interesting character and she both fascinates and terrifies me. She talks to the guardian as if they’re old friends and while I know that I shouldn’t trust her, Savathun brings up various points that make so much sense. For example, the guardians that we play as aren’t entirely heroes. Sure, we’ve defeated galactic evils and created positive relationships with other races, but that’s not always the actions of someone on the “good” side. The similar notes were brought up with Mara Sov. The forces of light and darkness aren’t always inherently good and evil. Like any type of “weapon,” it all depends on who uses it, and if that isn’t an effective use of foreshadowing I don’t know what is. It reminds me of what good ol’ Drifter said “Light…Dark…lemme tell you: The only thing that matters is the hand holding the gun.” This season honestly adds more power to that specific line. I will say that the battle between Savathun and Mara is like watching the universe’s most intense chess match. Savathun is using her words in such a powerful way that could persuade numerous Guardians to see things her way and join her side. However, Mara has been the Queen of the Awoken with just her looks. The queen is a cunning strategist that won’t been fooled by the honied words of a trickster and liar. Once she has her Techeuns (Mara’s personal advisors), the odds will hopefully fall more into her favor. So far, plans are running smoothly, but part of me fears that they might be running too smoothing. Then again, that might be what Savathun wants me to think. While I haven’t been part of the Destiny community for very long, I can say that so far Season of the Lost is one of my absolute favorite seasons.  

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Along with Season of the Lost, Bungie has put together a spectacular event to celebrate 30 years of creating amazing games. Starting in December, players will be able to enjoy a free 6-player matchmade that will reward them with new items and gear. There is also a 30th Anniversary Pack that includes exclusive dungeons, treasures, ornaments, and the return of a fan-favorite exotic weapon from the first Destiny game: the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. In addition the new gear, there will also be new and returning merch on Bungie’s online store.

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Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for since she was mentioned and since we took down her brother, Oryx…what can we expect from The Witch Queen? Well, to make a long story short, Savathun has somehow gained access to The Light (the main source of power that led to the Guardians’ creation) and is creating an army of Hive Guardians. That’s right, we will be facing Hive (an undead alien race) that have the same abilities that our Guardian characters have, making them even more terrifying and deadly. Other than the Fallen (another alien race) with their access to the freezing Stasis power of the Darkness, they may as well be our most powerful foes yet. However, luck is on our side, for we will have access to a new weapon that we’ll have the ability to build: the Glaive. As the newest of the melee weapons (after the sword), the glaive is an energy-type weapon that allows Guardians to both attack from up close with physical attacks and from a distance projectile attacks. With the introduction of the Glaive comes a new crafting system, where you can customize your weapons and face the odds with more firepower. Also, each Light subclass (special powers/abilities Guardians use in combat) is getting an update with new abilities. What they’ll be will have to wait until the expansion starts, which will be on February 22nd of 2022 (the same day that Season of the Lost ends). Along with the 30th Anniversary event, you can pre-order The Witch Queen as a combined bundle and receive even more goodies when the expansion and event begin. There is also a Collector’s Edition of the expansion that includes a replica of the Hive Ghost, a beautiful artbook, a haunting soundtrack, and so much more. Just seeing all of this extra content makes me all the more excited for this upcoming expansion. After The Witch Queen, the next two anticipated expansions are title Lightfall and The Final Shape. While these expansions with bring the story of the war between light and dark to a close, this will not be the end of Destiny 2 as a whole. What will Bungie have in store for the Guardians after this? Only time will tell.

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And that wraps up my coverage of this massive update to Destiny 2. To all of my fellow Guardians: what are you the most excited about this update? Whatever it may be, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. I honestly can’t choose what I’m the most excited for. Hope to see you all next time when I cover the first bit of The Witch Queen when the expansion begins. Until then, this is Tracy Preston: signing off.

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  1. So much fighting… So much deception and one upmanship… It just doesn’t sound all that relaxing to this old mom. I remember when you and your sister would play an online game that allowed you to create a city or a house. It was creative, and artistic, and well… basically CALMING..

    Perhaps that is passé… Or you are simply not drawn to that right now. Whatever blows your hair back I guess ????

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