5 Skills You Learn From Playing Video Games

By Sierra Powell

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Video games have gained a negative stigma in the past. Even though most men, women, and children enjoy playing video games; it is often viewed as lazy or unproductive. However, it may be more beneficial than most people realize. Video games have been proven to provide important skills that need to be talked about more. Read on to learn about the transferable skills that you can learn from playing video games.

1. Leadership

You gain leadership skills from volunteering, working, and playing video games! These skills from video games are incredibly important in real life. It makes sense that leading campaigns in a game, such as a raid, is somewhat similar to leading a team in a job. You have to be organized, have good communication, and be able to persevere through challenges. These important skills are essential for any leader, whether they are in person or on a screen.

2. Critical Thinking

Another skill you may gain from video games is critical thinking. This is an important skill for people of all ages. Critical thinking is essentially the ability to solve problems and find unique, specific solutions to problems. Puzzle games, like Tetris, have been around for a long time, and have consistently challenged players to use critical thinking as quickly as possible. Being able to use this skill quickly is essential for real life. Whether it is in your career, social, or personal life; critical thinking can really give you an advantage. For example, if a customer was to walk into your place of employment with a complicated request, being able to think quickly and critically could define how that person views your store. Critical thinking is an essential skill that can set you apart from others.

3. Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is a well-known enemy for many people. However, video games actually help build this skill! Video games are now very complex and have created the need to be able to multitask. It’s a common joke to talk about side quests, and that is the perfect example of this skill. People oftentimes take on multiple side quests along with the main quest of the game in order to get more done faster. This specific event is the perfect example of building the skill of multitasking!

4. Social Skills

This one can be a bit controversial since video games are commonly known as anti-social activities. However, the truth is when you play online with friends or strangers you are building social skills and networking! By strategizing with your team, negotiating with opposing players, or just communicating with peers about the game you’re playing, you are building social skills and communication skills. This is a great way to make friends, build relationships, or just get some socialization in after a long day. It’s also just relaxing to come home after a long day, and play a game with friends. It’s socialization without actually going out. This is a good choice for people who feel sick, tired, or just don’t want to leave their house!

5. Risk-Taking and Management

This one may be one of the most evolving skills you can gain from video games these days. There is a demand for virtual reality gaming, which takes gaming to a whole new level. This really increases the dramatics of risk-taking while playing video games. Where a gamer can jump off a building in a Spider-Man game and swing with webs, someone with virtual reality will really feel the effects of jumping. This makes the risks seem so much more realistic and dangerous. However, by doing these a gamer can learn how to overcome real-life risks and react appropriately. This skill can make a leader even better because not being able to take risks or deal with managing them can keep a business from thriving.

These are just 5 of an ever-growing list of skills that you can gain from playing video games. Video games have changed and will continue to change as time continues, which can teach all gamers new skills. Gaming has had a bad reputation for a long time, but gamers will continue to gain these skills and be able to apply those skills in real life. Video games have so much to offer and are fun to play, so you might as well pick up your controllers! Have fun, strengthen those skills, and leverage them in all aspects of your life.

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