Kasai’s VTuber Debut – All Ages of VTubing to Launch in 2021

Kasai joins the All Ages of Geek Crew as the first member of All Ages of VTubing, All Ages of Geek’s upcoming roster of VTuber talents. Kasai will be hosting weekly videos in the form of reactions, gameplay, and interactive content. In 2021 she will be streaming on the All Ages of Geek YouTube Channel […]

An Interview with Cami-Cat

All Ages of All Cami-Cat

Art by: @KIDWMA Will: Just to break the ice a bit, how has your day been? Cami Cat: My day has been alright! A little tired, but who isn’t this year? laughs W: For those who do not know you, how would you describe your YouTube Channel and yourself? CC: I think the best way […]

Shigeru Miyamoto Offers A Sneak Peek Into Super Nintendo World

Nintendo opened the curtain for the company’s very first theme park in Japan, a brand new attraction from Universal Studios looking to open its doors next year. Game director and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto offered fans a glimpse into the theme park, being called Super Nintendo World, during a special Nintendo Direct on Friday. Everything […]