How Animation Impacted Me

Animation is a fascinating subject, if you ask me. In animation, you can tell a large variety of stories. I firmly believe that there is an animation for any single story that you could possibly want to hear and see. Personally, animation has really impacted my life in multiple ways, in multiple stages of my […]

The Founder of All Ages of Geek Talks About The Importance of Animation

The Founder of All Ages of Geek Katya Stec Talks about what animations impacted her life: “As a kid animation fueled my imagination. But as an adult animation helps me understand perspective, how to lead with an open mind, and how to be understanding of others. Series like Steven Universe capture not just the fun […]

The Co-Founder of All Ages of Geek Talks About What Animations Impacted Her

The Co-Founder of All Ages of Geek Tatiana Stec talks about what animations impacted her: “As a child animations like Rugrats and Pokémon were my go-to series to watch. At the time I didn’t realize the impact it left on me. Now, As an adult, the loss of family members and friends has truly changed […]

Animations That Impacted All Ages of Geek’s Artist!

#Animationisforeveryone is trending on twitter and we asked All Ages of Geek’s artist what animations impacted him! “Both primal and courage the cowardly dog have been a huge inspiration that impacted my life OHH!!! also the emperors new groove!!!” -@GogoMrdodo Always remember no matter who you are animations can always impact you! Do NOT let […]


On social media, People are spreading awareness about how animation is a medium that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age or race. This is an important message everyone should be aware of. Here are a few tweets All Ages of Geek saw that stand out: Animation is for everyone. No matter who you are. Each […]

Animal Crossing Winter Snowflake DIY Crafting Recipes List

There are eight Winter themed items you are able to craft with the regular Snowflake that you will be able to see in the new Winter Update. You will be able to unlock NEW recipes by using your slingshot to shoot down the balloons from December 11th-February 24th (Northern Hemisphere) and June 11th-August 24th (Southern Hemisphere) Here […]

RWBY Volume 8 Chapter 5 Review

RWBY Volume 6 on All Ages of Geek

It’s time to react to RWBY Volume 8 Chapter 5 Amity from Rooster Teeth Animation! This time we need to make sure Penny is SAFE! Leave your theories and thoughts down below. And if you want Early Access RWBY Reacts check out our Patreon. Watch Here: Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

NEW League of Legends Ruined King Trailer

Kat reacts to the League of Legends Ruined King Trailer and Gameplay and let’s prepped for Let’s Plays of League of Legends Wild Rift, League of Legends Ruined King, and more. Be sure to watch HERE: Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

Sephiroth Comes To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

One of the biggest announcements to come at this year’s Game Awards came from Nintendo with a trailer revealing that Final Fantasy VII villain Sephiroth will be making his debut as a playable character in the popular game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It has since sent people into a frenzy with a hugely positive reception […]