Why I love Professional Wrestling

Televised wrestling three familiar names depending on who you ask, professional wrestling, sports entertainment, or phoney wrestling. I advise not to say the latter. In the near 16 years that I’ve been watching it, there has been many down moments since I started watching it in June 2005, like the death of Eddie Guerrero, the […]

Double or Nothing Review

Double or Nothing All Ages of Geek

Before we get directly to the article, just two quick things and that’s first, for whoever’s reading this pre-post, sorry that you have to read this article in Comic Sans. Yes, you have the option to change it to Times New Roman the moment you see it. The second thing, it relates to wrestling. As […]

WWE Money In the Bank Review

WWE Money In the Bank All Ages of Geek

So I had to write this article a second time because the first one got deleted or probably yeeted from my G-Drive, but I blame myself for not making a second copy since I’m a very one and done person. I think some things I may have left out in this version, but it’s about […]

WWE WrestleMania 36 Review

WWE WrestleMania 36 All Ages of Geek

Folks, it’s no secret about the situation that’s been going on for the world as we’re all under confinement due to the Coronavirus pandemic that’s going on not only in the United States, but across the globe. What was originally thought to be another blip on the radar, which we at AAOG hoped it was […]