VoxPop Games: Empowering Developers & Creators

Today we are going to chat all about our friends at VoxPop Games, who they are, and what you can expect from them as they grow! VoxPop is a gaming distribution platform that specializes in indie developers. What makes them so special is they offer a profit-sharing model and peer-to-peer download system. This breaks the […]


Our friends at VoxPop Games have some exciting news for you indie game lovers! A new Cyberpunk series is coming to the game world from a new NFT community called Chain Runners. Today we are going to chat all about what you can expect from VoxPop Games and Chain Runners! The Chain Runners group is […]

EALU Review-All Ages of Geek

Greetings Geeks! Tat here! All Ages of Geek recently discovered the classic side-scrolling adventure game EALU. EALU was published and developed by Harki Games Ltd. Guess what! EALU is now LIVE on VoxPop Games. This game runs for $11.99 USD. But why is EALU so special? The Story “Year 35XX, a Lonely traveler, traversing through […]


GREY DEATH is a new game from Voxpop Games Partners Salt&Pixel. Its first episode is coming free to the Voxpop Game platform! In a world full of demons and the undead, a man searches for his lost wife. Resources are limited. Death is instant and waiting in the darkness. You will be running, jumping, climbing […]

Immenz eSports Meets VoxPop Games

Geeks! We have some exciting news from our friends at VoxPop Games! They now have a new Esports Indie Competitive Stream Team! Read more below: Who Is VoxPop Games As you may have read in a previous blog post, VoxPop Games is a Peer to Peer game distribution and development site that strives to strengthen all […]

VoxPop Games and Guardians Of Lodino Forest!

Our friends at Vox Pop Games have exciting news for you Geeks! “Created by Adrien Dittrick for the VoxPop Games Platform This is “Guardians Of Lodino Forest” (G.O.L.F. for short) enhanced, an amazing need to play, experience, a hybrid sports adventure rhythm game about shooting a series of armored golf ball bosses (Guardians) into submission and then striking them […]

Interview with VoxPop Games!

All Ages of Geek VoxPop Games

We interviewed the Founders of VoxPop Games to learn more about who they are: “Established in December 2018, VoxPop Games is an exciting new independent distribution & game development platform, designed to primarily benefit smaller independent game developers, Let’s Players and new Video Game Streaming personalities.   We feel that Gamers and Independent Developers have a voice, and we hear them loud […]