“Project Cappuccino 2” and Hentai Visual Novels – Interview with Tentakero

All Ages of Geek Project Cappuccino 2 Visual Novel

warning 18+ In a world where gaming genres are constantly evolving, the creators of Project Cappuccino 2 are taking strides to redefine and elevate the Hentai genre. This interview offers a rare and intriguing perspective from the developers, discussing their unique approach to integrating narrative, character depth, and adult content into a cohesive, engaging gaming experience. Exploring themes of […]

Breaking Barriers: The Power of LGBTQ+ Media in Bridging Understanding and Empathy

As a fangirl of geek media and LGBTQ+ advocate, I am constantly on the lookout for media that represents and celebrates our community. That’s why I was thrilled to hear about my friend’s experience with the anime “Given”. I mentioned this before and today I’ll be discussing how everyone can enjoy LGBTQ+ media no matter […]