The Profound Impact of Critical Role: A Close Look at the Community’s Opinions

Ah, Critical Role. For the uninitiated, it’s like the Saturday morning cartoons of the tabletop gaming world—but for adults. Well, adults and anyone else who appreciates intricate storytelling, character development, and—let’s be honest—people making total fools of themselves as a bunch of friends for our enjoyment. Whether it’s Matt Mercer’s captivating storytelling or the engaging […]

Interview with Aliza Pearl

All Ages of Geek Interview

by:@sellyfranfran We had the pleasure of interviewing Aliza Pearl actor, writer, GM/DM all about her work and creative journey! Q: What are your top 3 Dungeons and Dragons classes?A: Barbarian (for simplicity and fun raging), sorcerer (for when you just wanna have fun with spells), and druid (love my nature babies) Q: Who just missed […]

Interview with DawnsPlaceYT

What do you do? I run a TTRPG blog with an accompanying YouTube video series. I call it TTRPG Tuesdays, I also have future plans for NPC creation and more! How did you get into the TTRPG community? I got into TTRPG through watching Critical Role, I learned about Critical Role from Ginny Di, who […]