The Big Con – Tribeca Games Preview

First time developer Mighty Yell is getting ready to showcase their title The Big Con with help from Skybound Games. At the Tribeca Film Festival, several games are getting the spotlight for players to try out these upcoming indie titles. In The Big Con, players control a runaway teen con artist taking place in 90s America. Filled with 90s references, there’s […]

False Positive Review – Tribeca Film Festival 2021

The tribulations of pregnancy and childbirth can become a compelling story to craft, depending on the way it’s told. It can be a difficult subject to tackle, which is what False Positive attempts as it goes in the direction of horror. When it comes to topics such as this, it can be a daunting task since audiences […]

Werewolves Within Review – Tribeca Film Festival 2021

Ubisoft takes a chance in adapting one of their video game titles into a film with the horror-comedy Werewolves Within. The feature plays more like a whodunit with some horror elements that often feel like it took inspiration from the works of Jordan Peele as well as Agatha Christie with its tone. What you get out of all […]