Uncharted Review

The Uncharted franchise has had tremendous success in video games with its incredible action and characters that can be replicated as a Hollywood film in the vein of Indiana Jones or National Treasure. Sony seems to be banking on that as it brings PlayStation’s beloved series into a feature starring Tom Holland, who’s just riding on the success of Spider-Man as he […]

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

Spider-Man has a long history in Marvel for many decades and the same can be said about its time in cinema. Ever since the first Spider-Man film in 2002, the superhero genre was redefined for years to come. The character has been through three iterations since then, with the recent one as part of the […]

5 Quarantine Movie Recommendations for each Streaming Service

Movie Recommendations All Ages of Geek

The unfortunate circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic have left many of us at home with an increased amount of free time. This has led subscription-based streaming services to become more popular than ever, and the major brands are responding with the addition of amazing titles to their catalogs, including films recently released to home video […]