“The Last of Us” Lenten Reflections: Navigating Life’s Tough Terrain

The Last of Us Lenten Reflections Navigating Life's Tough Terrain

Hey there, survivors and soul-searchers! As we gear up for Lent, let’s take a leaf out of “The Last of Us” playbook. This game isn’t just about dodging Clickers; it’s packed with wisdom perfect for our Lenten journey. Ready to dive into some gritty, real-talk reflections, Joel and Ellie style? Let’s embark on this journey […]

The Last Of Us Season 1 Review

It is not easy to crack an adaptation of a beloved video game to the public when you are appeasing fans and those who aren’t familiar with the source material. Somehow, The Last of Us manages to pull off just that thanks to the partnership of showrunner Craig Mazin and game creator Neil Druckmann. These two had […]

What You Should Know About The Last Of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II has finally been released to the public as we jump into the sequel to Joel and Ellie’s journey in a post-apocalyptic America. It is one of the most anticipated games this year and Naughty Dog has been teasing us with what to expect in this follow-up. After getting some positive […]

Coronavirus and It’s Impact on the Video Game Industry

Animal Crossing All Ages of Geek

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, it has caused major repercussions on the entertainment world, especially for video games. One might think that this industry would at least remain unaffected, but that is certainly not the case once the pandemic hit. As everyone is in quarantine, for the time being, video games have become a way […]