Thor: Love and Thunder Review

The character of Thor has gone through evolution through the years in the MCU. Going from the seriousness of the first film to the wild and adventurous third film, audiences have warmed up to the God of Thunder and has become one of the fan-favorite heroes in Marvel. It is partially thanks to Taika Waititi […]

Lightyear Review

Toy Story put Pixar on the map when it first came out in theaters as it innovated animation and storytelling through the use of computer-generated visuals. The franchise has grown into four successful films following the adventures of Andy’s toys. With the tale of Andy’s toys reaching its end, the question of where the story might […]

Free Guy Review

Video games have come a long way as we go from classic platformers to open-world games, which is where the film Free Guy takes place. Video game adaptations can get a bad wrap in Hollywood, but a movie about a fictional one can be something that people can invest in, especially if they get all the references […]