“Laos Chronicles” Interview with Lomcia – Tapas Comic

All Ages of Geek Laos Chronicles

Interview with Lomcia creator of “Laos Chronicles” – All Ages of Geek Tapas Reviews: Welcome to another enthralling episode of interview series “Creator Spotlight” where today, we are honored to have the brilliant mind behind the “Laos Chronicles” with us, Lomcia! As a renowned sci-fi comic book and webcomic artist and writer, Lomcia has been […]

All Ages of Star Wars #3: Han Solo’s Hitlerian Cousin & Human Supremacy

By Devin Mendelson Some Spoilers For Star Wars: Ambush at Corellia (Corellian Trilogy – Book 1) Two Galaxies, One Issue. Our galaxy isn’t alone in dealing with racial tensions. I just finished reading Showdown At Centerpoint, the third and final novel of the Corellian Trilogy. I was surprised by how human supremacy, xenophobia, and race […]

Rohil Reviews 2000s Anime: Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied All Ages of Geek

Elfen Lied (2004) is the gruesome sci-fi anime release from Arms/Studio Guts, directed by Mamoru Kanbe. The 13 episode run follows Kouta and his cousin Yuka as they attempt to harbor Lucy, a newly evolved off-shoot of humanity known as “Diclonius,” and fugitive of some obscure Japanese government program.  My first time seeing this show […]