No One Will Save You Review

All Ages of Geek No One Will Save You

Sci-fi flicks dealing with alien invasions have been done constantly in Hollywood for many decades. Trying to keep the genre fresh isn’t as easy for filmmakers to try to keep them hooked through the movie’s entire runtime, which seems to work with Brian Duffield’s latest film No One Will Save You. The director’s latest project doesn’t change […]

Prey Review

The Predator franchise has had a bumpy road with its previous entries by attempting to replicate the original classic. After the negative reception received from the previous film, the latest chapter, Prey, looks to go back to its roots with director Dan Trachtenberg at the helm. The new film is a prequel that takes place 250 years before […]

Top Four Places To Watch Anime

For those of you who are new to anime, you may be wondering where can I watch it? We at All Ages of Geek have you covered. Here are the top 5 streaming services you should check out.  1.Hulu Hulu is a great streaming platform. Not only does it have a huge range of shows […]

Boss Level Review

Time loop has been used over and over as a plot device thanks to the success of Groundhog Day. Recently, different genres like horror and comedy have reinvented the use of it in hits such as Happy Death Day and last summer’s Palm Springs. Hulu is tackling the topic once again in the new action […]

Solar Opposites Review

Solar Opposites All Ages of Geek

If you’re as big of a Rick and Morty stan as I am, it was a loooooonng four months between that interstellar snake fiasco and the trailer for the remaining episodes of Season Four. This came one week after the debut teaser trailer for Solar Opposites, created by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and […]

Best Anime to Stream Right Now

Best Anime All Ages of Geek

We are in a golden age of entertainment where everything to watch is available to stream online through various platforms, including anime. There are hundreds of titles to choose from for audiences and are constantly increasing with old and new shows being added to your streaming library. There are so many to pick, but we […]

5 Quarantine Movie Recommendations for each Streaming Service

Movie Recommendations All Ages of Geek

The unfortunate circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic have left many of us at home with an increased amount of free time. This has led subscription-based streaming services to become more popular than ever, and the major brands are responding with the addition of amazing titles to their catalogs, including films recently released to home video […]