Shadowed Flames: PTSD in RWBY Part 4

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Disclaimer: These articles contain in-depth discussion on the topics of mental health/illness and topics such as abuse.  The writer is also not a trained nor certified therapist. However, they have been writing for twenty years with a heavy focus on correct, realistic portrayals of mental health. They have studied PTSD and C-PTSD in depth and […]

The Importance of Community

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Why is a community with others so important to us? Why is the pain of loneliness so unbearable? To answer this I need to share the time in my life when I first understood what community was and what it meant. When my first friend saved me from the depths of darkness despite my constant […]

Bullying Prevention | All Ages of Geek

Bullying article with picture of MHA on All Ages of Geek

Bullying is a serious problem in our society. I was bullied for many years, so in this article, I’d like to write about how to deal with bullies and how to help the victims of bullying. What Can I Do Against Bullying? Don’t look away if you see that someone is bullied. Be kind to […]