VTuber Plays: Rising Hell

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT RISING HELL HERE In the recent “VTuber Fights Hell?!” video we see Kasai play Rising Hell, and make her main through a platform-based dungeon-like Hellscape. This game immediately strikes you as something out of the Doom universe, and Kasai totally digs it! We can see our friendly VTuber head over […]

All Ages of Geek Sims 4 Gameplay!

Good news geeks! The All Ages of Geek crew will be diving into the world of Sims 4 in 2021. Get ready to go on an adventure with us and see us create a world on Sims 4. And just maybe we will make you on our adventure~ “The Sims 4 is a 2014 life simulation video game […]

Halo Infinite: Beauty and the Brute

Let’s talk about that Halo gameplay.  Even if you think the graphics are unpolished, or that the hairless Brute designs make them look more like skinned chickens than warmongering warriors, you can’t deny that what has been shown of Halo Infinite feels leagues more in line with what you’d expect from the Halo franchise than […]

The Importance of Role-playing Games

Importance of Role-playing All Ages of Geek

Role-Playing Games are probably my favorite type of games to play, you aren’t confined to a specific story or at least not confined to getting to the end by a specific route. You write the story and the journey is uniquely yours. I’ve found that because they’re a lot less confined than linear games, they […]

Console Wars: The Bit Wars

Console Wars 5 All Ages of Geek

It was October 1987 and NEC joined the console war with the birth of the PC Engine in Japan. When this console was released, the graphical capabilities were mind-boggling, as it was a 16-bit console. Sega would follow suit and release the Sega Mega Drive a year after the PC Engine was released and it […]