Fanfiction Appreciation

All Ages of Geek Fanfiction

Hello everyone MinaRose2023 here, today I’m gonna be writing about Fanfiction.  It is no surprise that one thing that helps us keep our Geeky culture is writing Fanfiction. Many people have done it through many years since 1967 with the Star Trek fanzine Spocknalia. It’s incredible to see how much Fanfiction has evolved and included […]

The Power to Shine: Practical Goal Setting Tools

Practical Goal Setting Tools All Ages of Geek

This article is a bit of a combination of my previous article on RWBY’s music and Jasper’s about goal setting and the Binding of Isaac. You don’t necessarily have to have read my previous article but I’d really recommend reading Jasper’s. I touch on some of the same concepts here, but I’ll be more focused […]