Anxiety in Animation: Steven Universe

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This article discusses the episode “Mindful Education” from Steven Universe Season 4. If you haven’t watched it, you might wanna click that back arrow. Remembering back to August of 2016 is extremely difficult for me, but perhaps the one thing I do remember from it is the episode of Steven Universe “Mindful Education.” Even as […]

Steven Universe Season 1 Episode 4 Analysis

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Episode 4 of Steven Universe really highlighted the importance of being together and taking the time to bother with your friends. We start the episode with Steven trying to have “together breakfast” with everyone but they’re all busy with one thing or another. When he finally convinces one of them to try, they become greedy […]

Steven Universe Season 1 Episode 1 Analysis

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Time to delve into the universe of Steven with Steven Universe! See what I did there? Episode 1 was a great episode and I went into it blind so this article might be a bit less informed than others. Steven at first glance seems like your average teenage boy, he likes something called Cookie Cats […]