Anime NYC 2021: Lex Lang Reflects On His Journey As A Voice Actor

Voicing over 400 characters, voice actor Lex Lang has worked in many animated projects including anime, TV, video games, and films for over 25 years. Fans have been accustomed to his voice for quite some time, as he took on roles like Dr. Neo Cortex in the Crash Bandicoot games and as Goemon Ishikawa in Lupin The Third. […]

Anime Fans Celebrate at Anime NYC!

Anime NYC is an event that happens once a year in the beloved New York City. This year it took place on November 19th-21st! Anime fans from around the world gather to celebrate their love for anime and geek culture. Here are what some fans saw this year! @renegoncosplay Original Tweet @hypland Original Tweet @VRider_Xero […]