We Interviewed Artist Marissa_Joy

All Ages of Geek Marissa_Joy

We interviewed artist Marissa! Check it out! 1. When did you start creating art? I have always been creative since I was little, and have experimented with different art mediums since I can remember. I started focusing on my art more seriously about 9 months ago and have been going strong since! 2. What inspired […]

Animal Crossing Summer Update Wave 2!

Exciting news about Animal Crossing: New Horizons! A new Summer update has arrived including new features like a Firework show. Here is everything you need to know. The Summer Update happened on Thursday, July 30th. The update was originally scheduled for August but, Nintendo surprised fans earlier! In this update, a firework show will occur […]

Animal Crossing Purgatory Theory

Animal Crossing All Ages of Geek

Today I have a pretty dark theory about Animal Crossing. It is a theory that is very interesting and that has apparently changed my view of the game forever. There have been many theories about Animal Crossing in recent years that have caused much debate in the community. One of the most popular theories was […]