PBS Kids Games and Digital Literacy | Geek Mom World

Hey there, fellow parents! Tommi here, the blogger behind “Geek Mom World” and today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on PBS Kids games, gaming and why topics like this are important for kids in today’s world. First off, let me just say that gaming is not just a fun pastime for kids, it has become […]

Given: The Only Yaoi Anime that got it Right | Yaoi Review

Given is hands down the best Yaoi anime out there, and I am not just saying that because I am a huge fangirl of the show. From the stunning animation to the relatable characters, Given has everything that a Yaoi anime should have and more. Be sure to check out this anime blog! One of […]

My Animal Review – Sundance Film Festival

Tales about werewolves have become a popular stories for people, especially in film. It is interesting for audiences to see the transformation of a human being into a beast during the night. There are a ton of movies that have explored this tale, and My Animal has become part of the pack. Premiering at the Sundance Film […]