Tabletop Thoughts: Pathfinder

Hello everyone! I’m Monster Review Girl, and welcome! Today’s article will be talking about Pathfinder, a TTRPG (TableTop Role-Playing Game, for those unfamiliar with the idea) that came out in the late 2000s as an answer to Wizards of the Coast’s fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons. The company that produced Pathfinder, TSR, was originally a […]

HINOTORI – Takanashi Kiara (Official Music Video) Review

HoloLive EN’s Takanashi Kiara released her Official Music Video for HINOTARI and has since had over millions of views for the release. Takanashi Kiara is one of HoloLive ENs Virtual YouTubers part of the first generation of English HoloLive Vtubers with Ninomae Ina’nis, Watson Amelia, Mori Calliope, and Gawr Gura. HINOTARI is a music video […]

VTuber Interview: Tiffany Witcher The Charity Witch on Twitch

All Ages of Geek Tiffany Witcher Vtuber

We interviewed VTuber Tiffany Witcher. A VTuber with a heart of gold. Feel free to check out Tiffany Witcher’s social media to learn more about what she does! Youtube Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

Women and Video Games | PC2 Episode 01

PC2 In this episode of PC2 we dive into video games and representation. About All Ages of Geek All Ages of Geek, LLC. is a production, entertainment and streaming service with a focus on geek culture, producing content for kids to adults. We produce webisodic entertainment from original video series, talk shows, on the go […]

The PC Squared

Hosted by Dalia “Lia” Abdelwahab The PC Squared will discuss contemporary social issues in relation to Anime, Manga, and video games. Social Media Sign Up To Our Patreon For Early Access Episodes, Live Events And Weekly Rewards! And Leave A Comment Down Below To Recommend Content To The All Ages Of Geek Crew! Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin