DnD Fight, Flight, Flirt | Dice Sesh Ep 03

On this episode of Dice Sesh, Lars and the gang talk briefly about nautical adventures and ways to spice up adventures at sea along with some of their own experiences before moving on to romance (and/or bromance) in campaigns and how it can be used to great effect to add some emotional depth to a […]

Let’s Play Life is Strange Part 4

https://youtu.be/bPTxoGns8qg Now Max is in search of bottles in Chloe’s hangout. Let’s see where this takes us on Life is Strange. Social Media Sign Up To Our Patreon For Early Access Episodes, Live Events And Weekly Rewards! And Leave A Comment Down Below To Recommend Content To The All Ages Of Geek Crew! More episodes […]

Let’s Play Life is Strange Part 1

https://youtu.be/-9B0t7DrFhQ Join us in Life is Strange Part 1 as we follow Max on her adventures around the halls of teen angst, as she deals with bullying, self-doubt, condescending teachers, angsty security guards, oh, and let’s not forget being an everyday hero and being able to time travel. Social Media Sign Up To Our Patreon […]