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  • Jason Light
  • Peter D’Avanzo
  • Ellena Webb

Get weird with Kat on today’s episode of Squad TV with Hazbin Hotel. Got a weird fandom? Want us to explore it? Leave a recommendation down below.

About Squad TV

The weird fandoms of the internet exist and it’s time to explore them with All Ages of Geek’s Kat. Get weird and explore.

About Hazbin Hotel

The series focuses on Charlie, the princess of Hell, and her quest to open a hotel for rehabilitating demons. Hell suffers from overpopulation and Heaven solves the problem by routinely exterminating demons yearly. Charlie, who has grown up in Hell, wants to find an alternate solution to the mass slaughter. She opens the Happy Hotel which aims at teaching demons and sinners to become better people. There is substantial resistance though, and Charlie and her friends must work together to keep the hotel running.

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Ellena Webb

Where is part 2?

Peter D’Avanzo

Hey! For some reason the link to Hazbin Hotel’s video isnt working!

Also when is part 2 of the episode coming out? You ended it early during the pilot remember?

Jason Light

When will part two be out? it has been a while.

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