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|by: Tatiana Stec

All Ages of Geek has some exciting news for businesses around the Tri-State area. We will be helping small local businesses as they reopen after COVID-19 impacted them. Not only will we be helping produce commercial works, virtual tours, and interviews, you the viewer, will get to learn more about small businesses and their story.

Join us for ‘On the Road with All Ages of Geek’ on the second “mini” tour episode as we have the owner of The Book Trader show us her collection of books, games, and ever manga! Be sure to be on the lookout for all the Star Wars goodies in her shop!

About the Book Trader

The Book Trader has been in business for 38 years. They spent 28 years in Rahway New Jersey, 9 and a half years in Colonia New Jersey , and they are continuing in Clark New Jersey. This local spot is a perfect place to send your old paperback books, and find a new book to read!

“Trade your paperbacks and save up to 60%! Read. Trade. Save.”

Find more information visit: http://thebooktrader.com/

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