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Be sure to watch the video above as we gear up for RWBY Volume 8 Reactions. Wondering what happened to Volume 5-7? Questions are answered in this video.

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Darth Xelleon

There’s more cliffhanger ending episodes to come so get used to it.
Also, are you only doing one chapter per reaction now? Maybe because the pace picked up in volume 6 so there’s more to cover each episode?


Oz said a long time ago, that he had made more mistakes than any person on Reminant. With Oz’s reincarnation, hes had time to hold ALOT of regrets, and the thing about regrets, they can root deeper with time. Immortality is a long time


I was patiently waiting your reaction to Salem’s reveal, Kat!


Prepare for a lot of answers and grief and tension for the rest of the season, the next episode makes me feel so sorry for Salem

VME - Brad

We already have an Aladdin, Emerald.
Before she met Cinder she was a street thief, living meal to meal, Cinder promised her “Follow me and you’ll never go hungry again”.
After meeting Cinder all she has wanted is the love and attention of just that one woman. (Kind of like how we see Aladdin fall for Jasmin to the point of using his first wish to try and get her love.)
At one point Torchwich even calls her a “Street Rat”.

So Next episode, pay attention to the way things are Phrased. That’s all I will say about it.


I don’t Cinder’s conflicted about being good or evil, I think she’s just worried about what would happen if she went back to Salem right now. She knows.the plan at Haven failed and she knows she’s in trouble for it. So she’s probably trying to track Ruby and co down to finish what she was planning to do and fulfill Salems orders..

Rectilinear Propagation

Oh, those are good points. I can’t say I’ve ever really thought about which stories Emerald and Mercury were from; I figured we hadn’t been told enough about them yet.

Mathias Ohdessa

Let just say that you’re really need to pay attention next episode.


So excited for next chapter with you! So much gets explained and I can’t wait to hear what you think about everything!


Lore bomb incoming!


So now that you know about Salem being human, how do you think she got where she is today?


Can’t wait for the next ep, story time with Jinn is one of my fav moments.

P.S. Maria is everyone’s fav granny. (Especially to one peson, won’t spoil who XD)

Collin Whitebread

I can’t wait for next episode’s reaction! I’m pretty sure Kat will have some very different reactions to it than I did (at least in certain areas), but I’m still really interested to see exactly what she thinks of it. It’s definitely one of the most interesting episodes in the series by far in terms of lore and worldbuilding, and I know Kat loves the lore! 😉


Kat? I have been waiting for the reaction to the next episode ever since I saw you get into RWBY. I will say this though: Get some tissues baby, you WILL need them before it’s done. There is going to be a ***LOAD of Lore next episode so pay attention!

And yes, Jin is indeed Genie – voiced by Funimation Staple, the lovely and talented Colleen Clickenbeard. OH! And speaking of Jin/Genie, have a gag video from when the episode premiered!


Also: When are you going to do seasons 2 and 3 of RWBY Chibi?


Why doesn’t any of these videos work for me? ;;

Angelo Vaughn

Same, i still don’t know how to watch any of these

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