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Be sure to watch the video above as we gear up for RWBY Volume 8 Reactions. Wondering what happened to Volume 5-7? Questions are answered in this video.

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“Humans didn’t do this! Faunus did this! Specifically me, I set fire to the house. Sorry Dad.”
– Blake
Joking aside, I like the hopeful and positive note chapter ten ends on. Blake’s speech at the end is just a little too corny not to poke a little fun at it.


Also! Ghira Belladonna and several others on the island are character references to The Jungle Book! Ghira is a black panther faunus after Bagheera of the same animal. Senna Khan, as well, is a tiger based on Shere Khan. I leave the rest to you!

Nathaniel Reik

It was supposed to be heavily implied that Vernal was the Spring Maiden since Qrow told us that the Spring Maiden was with Raven; and Vernal stopped the fight between Weiss and Yang and the bandits by calling lightning down from the heavens just like the Fall Maiden did against Emerald, Mercury, and Cinder.

John Olson

In fact, her name was completely on the nose. “Vernal” means “of or pertaining to Spring.” Hence the term “Vernal Equinox.” The moment anyone onscreen said her name, I was like “aha, that must be the Spring Maiden.”

Aeon O'Brien

Blake’s dad is a Panther faunas based off Bagheera from the Jungle Book who is a panther. Corsac and Fennec are fennec foxes


*whispers* The player loads so much faster, I love this-


She didn’t pick up on the foreshadowing. Good, this will bode well for later…

Sunny Dragon

Do you plan on checking out Rwby Chibi after you catch up? its very light hearted and refreshing, not to mention only like 3-4 minutes per episode.


I for one ship Black Sun, and I felt Volumes 4 and 5 built up their relationship more than all 6 volumes so far have for Bumblebee beyond comradeship.

And this may be the fact that I grew up in a household where my parents have stayed married, no divorces, no affairs, but I’m dreaming of Raven and Taiyang coming back together by the time the series ends.

Or at the very least, they they get to work on giving Yang a sibling.

Alonzo B Edelen

I like the website’s darker background. It’s easier on the eyes.
Raven is easily in my top 5 favorite charcaters

As for the whole “one volume over another” thing, I never really understood it. Animation software aside, the only real difference is that the original artist driving the project is no longer around. So yes, things aren’t going to be exactly the same. And that’s okay.
All these “fans” who have this wishful notion that Roosterteeth should go back to exactly how Monty had things need to get some perspective. No one, not one person, is capable of doing something exactly like another. Just like there’s no such thing as a perfect forgery, nobody will ever be able to replicate Monty Oum.


At the start of Vol 1. all the girls but Ruby (who was 15) are late 17 early 18y.o., just entering Collage, by the end of Vol 3. it is near the end of their first year so they are all 18 possibly pushing or just turned 19. by Vol 5/6. most of an other year has passed so they are at their youngest 18 but likely 19 passably close to 20y.o.

Rectilinear Propagation

It’s only been 1 year:

Volume 1 – They start school.
Volume 2 – In the first episode Ruby says, “…and the tournament at the end of the year, our 2nd semester is going to be great.” So we know they’re on the semester system and that the 2nd volume is the start of the 2nd semester. However, she also says there’s only been a 2 week break. This means their first semester was a Summer semester**, not a Spring semester.
Volume 3 – All except the last episode is within the 2nd semester because it’s all the tournament. We see the seasons change from Fall to Winter when Ruby leaves for Haven.
Volume 4 – It’s no longer Winter. Jaune and Ren are surprised that Ruby thought it would only take 2 or 3 weeks. Ironwood tells Weiss that school will be back in session soon.
Volume 5 – They note at the beginning of the volume that school still hasn’t started yet.

Volume 4 is the murkiest when it comes to how long it’s been but it makes the most sense to assume it’s only been a few months:
– The news report implies the Fall of Beacon is still fairly recent since they’re still talking about evacuations.
– We see bright, sunny weather the entire volume.

It looks like the chaos caused the schools to not open for their Spring semester. That, or Spring is the semester schools normally close for on Remnant much like they close for Summer for us.

That means at most a calendar year has passed for the characters by the end of Volume 5.

**It’s weird that they’d have them start school with a Summer semester but it’s the only way to explain how the 2nd semester ends with the end of the calendar year and there being a two week break between semesters.

Eternally Kiwi

I love Ilia. She’s my favourite character. and she’s someone I can relate to. I know what it feels like to be lost.

Eric Duva

It’s like The Doctor sead:
“The only way to live in PEACE is if you are ready to FORGIVE”

Siii Saaaa

You really need to fix your videos. None of them work-


Did you ever learn why? I’m trying to figure it out myself

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