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Be sure to watch the video above as we gear up for RWBY Volume 8 Reactions. Wondering what happened to Volume 5-7? Questions are answered in this video.

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Rixton Pixel

Hey, I was just binge-watching all the reactions for RWBY. I just got to Volume 5, and it’s not letting me watch the video. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong on the website or whatever the case is, but I could use some help.

Fernando Flores

Same here, got here and tried opening and didnt let me, also tried on incognito mode, and on Internet Explorer as well as Firefox and still couldnt see it.


I’m having the same problem. I really wanna just watch these


Did you ever figure out what was wrong? I’m having the same problem

Raliban Leroux

I also tried starting season 5 and it won’t play. I just click on the play arrow and nothing happens. I went back and played some soundtrack reviews and those work fine, but when I go back to season 5, nothing. I tried on a PC and an iPad with the same results.

Gavin Bickel

yeah, the not able to watch problem is happening with ALL the videos on my end. i can’t watch ANYTHING here. that’s kind of why i stopped watching your videos. that, and you never went back to reacting to RWBY after not finishing Volume 6

Sara Tosen

Can confirm; the RWBY videos are just flat-out not loading. Which is kind of a shame, ’cause I’ve been loving your reactions thus far


The video finally worked! But it just played the season 8 trailer reaction. Thought it was finally working and I’d be able to catch up but all of the season 5 videos just play the season 8 trailer reaction. So progress I guess.

Ybbed Avircse

Has anyone figured out how to watch the actual reaction because it keeps automatically going to her V8 trailer reaction

Gavin Bickel

yeah, for some reason, it’s been doing the same thing.

this is why Allagesofgeek isn’t that good. because yeah, it’s true, they have a good website without limitations on how much of a show they are allowed to show for reactions, but then you get this shit and you realize they are starting to suck.

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