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  • Lachlan McAra
  • Andrew Onagbesan
    • Andres Ayala
  • Lord_Darth_Yoda

Be sure to watch the video above as we gear up for RWBY Volume 8 Reactions. Wondering what happened to Volume 5-7? Questions are answered in this video.

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4 comments on “RWBY Reaction Volume 06 Chapter 09

  1. Lord_Darth_Yoda says:

    CRWBY and Pyrrhas VA Jen Brown have been vague about who exactly “Red Haired Woman” actually is other than saying she was real and not a ghost or figment of Jaune’s mind.

  2. Andrew Onagbesan says:

    For some reason the video for all rwby reactions won’t play or start. Can you upload these to you tube eventually?

    1. Andres Ayala says:

      I tough was the only one with this issue

  3. Lachlan McAra says:

    For some reason all the RWBY videos just open your volume 8 trailer reaction on youtube.

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