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  • Amelia Kava

Be sure to watch the video above as we gear up for RWBY Volume 8 Reactions. Wondering what happened to Volume 5-7? Questions are answered in this video.

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Amelia Kava

A clever parallel between Weiss and her grandfather (good ol’ Nick) is that they both chose to go to combat school to change the ideal behind the Schnee name and try to help the world become a better place for everyone to live. How I see it, Nick chose to go so he could personally be there to protect his workers and so he and his men could actually survive his expedition, all the while building the Schnee name up to the point where people trusted the company, it’s produce and good morals. Weiss wished to escape from her father’s influence but grew to learn and love being with people which ultimately changed her for the better, she now wants more than ever to protect people and to build the Schnee name back up to its former glory.
(This was a bit of a word dump but I’m gonna assume you get the idea)

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