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Games Narrative Designer Rohil Aniruth sits down for an interview with Holly Zheng, the CEO, President, and Board Member at ad agency BlueFocus International. Rohil and Holly talk about how the Travis Scott x McDonald’s partnership came together, social data, AI press robots, and how to build up your self-belief.

Rohil socials: @richnutella on Instagram, @yorohil on Twitter

About BlueFocus

The company provides a wide spectrum of marketing and brand management services across disciplines of Strategy, Digital, Advertising, Media, Social, PR, Design, Branding, CRM, Data, E-Commerce and Mobile solutions, to 1000+ Multinational companies and leading Chinese enterprises, covering the IT, automobile, consumer goods, real estate, finance, and entertainment industries.

BlueFocus: www.bluefocusgroup.com/en/ 

About The Geekoning

The Geekoning Podcast is a geek culture, unfiltered podcast related to anime, video games, geeky topics, fandoms and shenanigans. Follow the AAOG Team on their geeky adventures every week and learn more about what goes behind the scenes at All Ages of Geek.

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