Question: What happens when the healer goes down?

Answer: Nothing good.

Having had a night to recover from the anvilwrought attack, the group is ready to continue forward… until they discover Torous still in his tent, unconscious and suffering from symptoms from a deadly Nightshade Viper bite! Can Jude and Aslan work out a cure without the aid of the party’s medicus? And will they be able to find what they need in the mountains with a deadly hydra on the prowl? Find out on this episode of Dice Sesh!

About Dice Sesh

Dice Sesh is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast focused on DnD Tips, Tricks and also several campaigns with an original cast of misfit characters. Hosted by Lars van Breems and the gang, catch new episodes of this daring adventure set to take you on a quest you’ll never forget.

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