Dope Manga has been supplying us with quality content in Black Manga, Anime and more for a minute. Today, we’re back with two Podcast interviews courtesy of Dope Manga and the team at Cool Concept Podcast.

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In Episode 1, Mikel Miles Interviews Inuupen discussing Pulse Manga & Saturday-Am & his Manga entitled Chroma. The Sci-fi/Fantasy story focuses on the journey of a character named Hue, who resides on a newly discovered planet “EVA”. Tune in to that interview 

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In episode 2, Mikel interviews De’Andre Moffett, the CEO of Pulse Manga. Pulse manga is a dual sided shonen manga anthology published by high five comics. The pair discuss how Pulse got started, along with it’s catalog and more. That’s available below:


Source: Grittyvibes


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